Naval Strike

  • Categoría: War games
  • Licencia: Freeware
  • Tamaño: 2.35 KB
  • Sistema: w98 wNT wME w2000 wXP Vista w7 w8
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All the emotion of aerial and naval battles in a combat aircraft.

Between the sky and sea, among the fierce bombardments and whistling missiles, there is a harsh battle going on: Naval Strike. In this war game you have to fly your aircraft and confront the enemy in air-to-air and sea-to-air combat.

The story in Naval Strike is the following: An air-scout has tracked down secret sea lanes used by the enemy to deliver strategic cargos to the battlefields. You wield an agile aircraft armed with two rapid-fire machine guns and anti-ship torpedo missiles.

Your task in Naval Strike is to destroy the enemy transports. Take care though - the transports are under escort of enemy military navy and air force who want to stop you. Good luck!


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